Ecolabel and marketing

How to include ecolabel in the company's external communications in order to strengthen the brand and win the trust of consumers and partners

Is it possible to promote the brand, making it more environmentally friendly?

Beyond dispute. Experts are increasingly talking about the advent of the era 3.0 of marketing: consumers are looking for solutions that can not only satisfy their needs, but also make the world better.

  • 38% of buyers in the world say that they choose goods and services that meet their personal values and ideals (in Russia — 29%).
  • 72% of people in the world are ready to choose brands that play an important role in solving socially significant problems. 38% wish brands to make the world better.
  • Responsible consumption is one of the top three global consumer trends for 2018.

Do you doubt that it is possible in Russia?

Yes, the real demand for responsible brands among Russian consumers is still lagging behind research data. Top 10 of main consumer challenges are headed by economic problems. But the second “five” is completely occupied by the challenges of sustainable development, including environmental pollution. The demographic wave carries them every year to the top of the ranking:  Z-Generation is the most altruistic and indifferent to the environmental responsibility issues.

The mission and values of the business come to the fore against the backdrop of a global lack of trust in advertising. Media and independent experts are increasingly talking about low quality products. Truth is becoming the most valuable currency. And ecolabeling is one of the ways of telling the truth.

How to include ecolabeling into the external communications of the company, and how to do it effectively?

  • Strategically. Depending on the tasks and specifics of the business, environmental responsibility can become the central focus of a wide advertising and PR campaign or one of the emphasis in brand communications. Determine which format is best for you with the help of marketing and PR specialists.
  • In a timely manner. You have done a great job. Tell about it without delay, immediately after receiving the certificate!
  • Regularly. A single note about receiving the ecolabel will not yet create a strong perception of the brand as environmentally responsible. But this is possible if environmental issues are always on the company PR agenda.
  • On different channels. To inform buyers and partners about environmental success and ecolabeling, use not only the corporate website, but also the media, social networks, promotional events and so on.
  • Simply about complicated. Provide information clearly and concisely, package it attractively. Tell us about what is important for the consumer of your ecoproduct — for example, about durability, effectiveness, health benefits.
  • For all interested target audiences. Perhaps these are not only various groups of end consumers, but also your employees, business partners and other stakeholders at the B2B and B2G levels.
  • Authentically. Report only clear, validated facts that you are sure of. Avoid greenwashing!
  • Competently. You will learn more about how to build environmentally-friendly communication from the documents on our website:

This topic is also wide covered at the meetings of the Club of licensees of the Vitality Leaf ecolabel. The club was established in spring 2019 to exchange experience between certified companies, benchmarking, create collaborations and find answers to new market challenges. Such companies as Tarkett, TechnoNicole, Akzo Nobel, Profine Rus, Splat are among the residents of the Club.

Complex communication around ecolabeling allows to:

  • Raise awareness and loyalty of customers, partners, other stakeholders. A single ecolabel on the packaging is not enough for this: only 23.4% of responsible consumers are good in ecolabels. Even in Europe, where a culture of sustainable consumption and production is more developed, ecolabeled companies invest a lot into communication and environmental education.
  • Attract new consumers — representatives of Z-generation. To maintain leadership in the future and strengthen market positions with the advent of a new consumption paradigm.
  • Get economic and reputational dividends. Right now.

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