About the certification body

An important information for preparing for certification in the «Vitality Leaf» system: applications, certification schemes, lists of documents, estimated cost of work, rights and obligations of applicants

The voluntary environmental certification body Ecological Union operates on a basis of a public environmental organization – the «Ecological Union».

The «Ecological Union» certification body is:


the first and only Russian certification body for products, works and services, which has the right to award type I “Vitality Leaf” ecolabel (ISO 14024 / GOST R ISO 14024).

accredited certification body that works in accordance with ISO 17065 / GOST R ISO / IEC 17065, registration number RA.RU.11HB64.

The address:

191002, St. Petersburg, Rubinstein Street, 15-17, lit. A., premise 70N.


+7 (812) 571-38-38; e-mail: mail@ecounion.ru.

Head of certification department – head of the certification body:

Kuznetsova Evgenia Mikhailovna.

Our principles

  • A science-based approach to evaluating products and services, considering international best practices.

    Comprehensive on-site audit of production sites.

    Engaging of the accredited laboratories for product testing.

  • Clear procedures of certification and criteria development are always publicly available.

    Open data on the certificate of conformity issuance and its status: valid/suspended/canceled

    Non-disclosure of confidential information.

  • We are always open for discussion of our activities, including consideration of complaints and appeals.

  • Experts have proven experience in assessing compliance with ISO 14024.

    Experts with specialized environmental education, experience in environmental certification for more than 10 years and international qualification of leading auditors ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001.

    Director of the Ecological Union – Yulia Alexandrovna Gracheva, Ph.D., member of the Board of Directors of the Global EcoLabeling Network (GEN), auditor of the international certification bodies as part of the international GENICES program for the mutual recognition of ecolabels.

  • All applicants have equal rights and equal conditions for certification. The provision of certification services does not depend on the location, political views, financial situation, fame, national or religious orientation of the applicant.