«Vitality Leaf» Ecocertification

The only one ecolabel in Russia recognized internationally by The Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN). The assessment is carried out by the accredited certification body that works in accordance with ISO 17065, registration number is RA.RU.11HB64.

Do you want to attract to your side:


partners and retailers that take environmental criteria into account in business communications;

zoomers – «the most altruistic generation in history», who is conscious about environmental issues;

responsible consumers seeking solutions not only to their own problems, but also to the global nowadays problems?

of Russians say that it’s «extremely» or «very important» for them to implement environmental programs (Nielsen, 2018)
of Russians believe that brands and companies should be environmentally responsible (GfK Consumer Life, 2017)
of consumers are ready to pay more for products that are environmentally friendly, and 30% - support manufacturers' social responsibility (Nielsen, 2018)

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  • member certificate
  • member certificate

Trust and transparency

Independent accredited certification body in accordance with ISO 17065, registration number is RA.RU.11НВ64.

Evaluation criteria are developed publicly, with the participation of industry experts.

The certification procedure and requirements of the standards are always in the public access.

Integrated scientific approach to assessment

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How to start?

  1. Check the standard for your product group in the «Standards List». Be sure to be ready to do this work with us!

    1. Check the list for your product group in the «Standards List». Be sure to be ready to do this work with us!

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