“Vitality Leaf” program

listok_green_choice_light_green“Vitality Leaf” ecolabel is the first and only internationally recognized System of voluntary environmental certification of goods, works and services in Russia which is based on their life cycle analysis (type I ecolabel). Today the ecolabelling program covers all basic product categories and has obtained respect and credibility in the market. 

The program was founded in 2001 and is administrated by “Ecological Union”, one of the leading non-commercial organizations in Russia (“St.-Petersburg Ecological Union” until 2010).

The Program is the member of the Global Ecolabelling Network since 2007; since 2011 accredited at the Global Ecolabelling Network’s Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENICES). 

Certification procedure under the “Vitality Leaf” program is based on full life cycle assessment – “from cradle to grave” . The decision on the issue of certificate of conformity and permission to use conformity label is made after the positive experts’ conclusion. 

Benefits of the “Vitality Leaf” type I ecolabel: 

  • Recognized by international experts’ community
  • Independent, non-commercial, open for every potential participant
  • Confirms the quality of a product/service and its environmental and health safety
  • Certification procedure complies with international requirements and ISO 14024 standard
  • Includes assessment of the whole life-cycle for defined product category
  • Officially registered at the Rosstandart (РОСС RU. И1082.04ЧГ01) 

Environmental certification in frames of the “Vitality Leaf” program is available for manufacturers of food and nonfood products and services. Today, more then 96 items of goods and services provided and sold by well-known foreign and Russian companies have been labelled with “Vitality Leaf”. 

The mission of the “Vitality Leaf” ecolabel is to assist development of green economy in order to supply high quality of life and save healthy environment for future generations. 

The successfully certified company obtains: 

  • Certificate of conformity of the good or service to the requirements of the internationally recognized “Vitality Leaf” System
  • Permission to use “Vitality Leaf” conformity label on the product’s packaging and in advertising
  • Protocols of the product’s laboratory tests with extended range of indicators (taking international recommendations into account)
  • Environmental auditor’s conclusion
  • Recommendations on improvement of the product’s and its manufacturing’s environmental aspects
  • Informational support of the certified good/service:
  • Expert’s explanation of the certification results and each environmental aspect of the product to media and consumers
  • Expert’s support of the company’s environmentally targeted events (round tables, seminars, conferences, etc.)
  •  The brand’s promotion through media publications and events for B2B and B2C markets initiated by Ecological Union.

Ecolabelling’s opportunities for companies: 

  • New effective marketing, sales and PR instrument;
  • Positioning in real “eco” niche
  • Quality and environmental label
  • Improved brand characteristics, new price
  • Differentiating from similar other brands’ produce
  •  Sales volume growth
  • Access to international markets
  • Resource for successful negotiations with foreign partners
  • Advantage in public tenders
  • Environmentally responsible image, good recognition and media attention
  • Cutting costs in business
  • Instrument for team motivation and corporate culture development;
  • Protection of environment and your family’s, friends’ and society’s health. 

By choosing “Vitality Leaf” ecolabelling program as partner and buying “Vitality Leaf”-labelled goods you contribute to environmental protection and your life quality’s improvement.