Certification procedure

Certification procedure in frames of internationally recognized “Vitality Leaf” ecolabelling program is available for food and nonfood products manufacturers and service providers. 

General stages of certification procedure

-          Application from Producer

-          Negotiating contract for certification

-          Pre-audit (optional)

-          Certification – investigating compliance of the produce with “Vitality Leaf” Standard requirements 

Documentation analysis. The applicant forwards copies of supporting documents to the Certification Body via e-mail.

Onsite audit. Obligatory certification stage. Auditor examines manufacturing facilities, warehouses and other premises, checks the necessary documentation, reviews manufacturing processes , quality management systems and environmental management in the company.

Laboratory tests of the produce. Tests are held in laboratories accredited in “Vitality Leaf” System using extended range of indicators. 

Expert’s conclusion on the object’s compliance with the standard’s criteria is formed based on the results of the examinations: 

-          Certification results analysis on Public Advisory Council. The Council is consisted of institute’s representatives, certification bodies, public organizations and provides transparency of the certification procedure, independent results and objectivity of the decision.

-          Issue of Certificate of conformity and Permission to use “Vitality Leaf” conformity label. “Vitality Leaf” certificate is valid not more than three years. The applicant should use the conformity label in accordance with the requirements listed in

-          Inspection control over certified object. Inspection control is held once in a year during all certificate validity period. The inspection process includes documentation analysis, on-site audit and laboratory test of particular products. 

Cost and timing 

The cost depends on the quantity of product items being certified and the size of manufacturing premises. 

Average certification period is from 30 to 50 workdays. 

If the applicant is not sure in certification’s success 

In case the applicant is not sure in successful completion of certification, Ecological Union can offer:

-          Preliminary assessment of the readiness of the enterprise for certification.
Documentation analysis and/or our experts’ visit to the manufacturing premises; forming conclusion based on the results of the preliminary assessment.

-          Progress payment for certification.
Payment for each stage of certification is made only in case of successful completion of the previous stage. 

To apply for preliminary assessment of compliance with the standard, please fill in the application form and send it to the following e-mail address: The application does not impose any obligations on the company. We guarantee confidentiality. 

To find out more about certification you can dial +7 (812) 575-55-17 and ask for consultation with an expert.