Reviews on certification



“Vitality Leaf” helped Tarkett improve their image in the eyes of their partners and consumers.” — Konstantin Levin, Tarkett, Moscow


“Our experience proves that green production and certification bring substantial economic benefit. International ecolabel helps increase consumer’s confidence in our product. Certification contributes to cutting on main resources consumption, improving environmental management system. Certification of our plant is an important step for us as we believe that company’s claim on “green” production should be proved by independent party.” Alexey Bugrov, Director of TECHNOPLEX Plant, LLC Affiliate, Ryazan (>>)



“It is important to us that “Vitality Leaf” is recognized by the world’s experts’ community. It was pleasure working with Ecological Union. It was our first experience of eco-certification, and it went successfully!” — Oksana Dudnik, Splat, Moscow (>>)



Environmental type I ecolabel proves product’s compliance with the widest range of criteria. This is also the reason why it is one of the hardest labels to get and, accordingly, one of the most respected in the world. As a leading electronic devices producer, our company is interested in obtaining certificates of highest class. The Company chose “Ecological Union” to certify their products as, in our opinion, its experts possess unique expertise, competence and skills which give them right to issue high-class certificates.” Yuriy Vetrov, Director of Innovation Department Samsung Electronics Co.,Ltd, Moscow (>>)



“First of all we would like to say thank you for the support you have been providing us from the beginning of our teamwork. The audit was held at highest level. Auditors’ professionalism is of total trust and respect. The criteria are rather high which made us make quite an effort to comply with them. But thanks to your advice and recommendations we have implemented many new and interesting initiatives in our hotel, and it is pleasure realizing that now CORINTHIA in Saint-Petersburg makes its contribution to the protection of the environment.” Liliya Podshivalova, CORINTHIA, Saint- Petersburg 


Логотип Ингосстрах

On behalf of OSAGO Ingosstrakh company let me say thank you to Evgenia Semenova for brilliantly held work on certification of our office according to “Vitality Leaf” Program. We think that Evgenia’s work is held at highly professional level! All requirements we claimed to meet were checked by the auditor for compliance with the standard. We tried to take all requirements into account and still comply with them. The audit strengthened among employees the idea that rational resources consumption is important. It also let us look from a different angle at environmental principles, gave opportunity to control and rationalize resources consumption. We would be glad to recommend Ecological Union’s and their ecolabel’s services to our partners and clients. We hope that there number of offices like ours will grow! Thank you for cooperation!” Alexander Grigoryants, “Ingosstrakh” branch office, Sochi. 


“On behalf on GK “Optikom” I express gratitude to experts of Ecological Union for certifying our office according to “Vitality Leaf” standard. For the last five years we have been successively implementing different resource-saving initiatives in our office. The will to realize a complex approach to “greening” our office lead us to the decision to take up environmental certification procedure.
Certification according to “Vitality Leaf” standard is an important step for our company. We are sure that company’s environmental claims are valid only when certified by third party. That is why we are proud to be meeting the standard’s high requirements. Obtaining environmental certificate gives us advantage in negotiations with foreign partners and when participating in tenders.” Anna Sycheva, Environmental Projects Manager GK “Optikom”, Moscow (>>)



“We are grateful to experts of NP “Ecological Union” for high professionalism and qualified work. It was not easy to comply with the standard, but thanks to the professionalism and informational support of “Vitality Leaf” system’s experts we managed to do it.
Thank you for helping local farmers raise their produce’s competitiveness in agricultural market! Thanks to you we got chance to raise consumers’ trust and tell people about quality of our potato.” Evgeniy A. Martyanov, Head of “Victoria” Farm, Tver region. (>>)


“During the season 2013 experts of NP “Ecological Union” held eco-certification of vegetable produce and our farm’s fields in Krasnodar region. The process of certification included analysis of all stages of production, complex investigation of produce and fields, laboratory tests of soil and vegetables were made to check them for nitrates, pesticides, heavy metals. Conducting certification surely has substantial positive effect on different aspects of your business.” Fedor V. Zaitsev, Head of farm in Krasnodar region.