The Ecological Union Press Office will be happy to help with any media enquiries you might have: whether you’re looking for a comment from one of our experts or would like to know about our initiatives.

If you are a journalist

We are open to share our knowledge and experience with journalists. Our experts will help you to discuss the following topics:

  • Environmental and organic certification of goods and services in Russia
  • Development of the market of environmentally safe and organic goods and services: production and consumption
  • Urban environmental problems: air quality and waste management

We are also ready to share our opinions on other environmental issues within our competence.

If you are business

If you are interested in an information partnership, we can offer you the possibilities of our resources: official website, the digest «Vitality Leaf» and our social networks. We will be grateful if you can send your suggestions on joint projects  in writing.

We also offer to become a partner of the All-Russian Conference of Environmentally Responsible Business (Moscow) and / or our information digest «Vitality Leaf». This is a good tool for PR and marketing in your business.

If you are a student

We invite interested young people to have an internship in our Office, to gain new experience and knowledge.

Ecological Union is non-commercial organisation, for this reason we we build cooperation with partners on a nonprofit basis only.

We will be happy to unite our efforts to develop environmentally safe production and consumption in Russia!

Contact us


Ekaterina Plotnikova, PR-manager

Mobile: +7 (921) 798-04-29, 


skype: ecounion_russia 


Ksenia Illarionova, PR-manager

Mobile: +7 (952) 365-28-62, 


skype: ecounion_russia