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Organic certification systems

Organic farming is focused on the production of high-quality nutritious food products that do not contain any harmful substances and are derived using methods that preserve natural resources and enhance ecosystems.

Organic/bio label, assigned by an accredited certification body, confirms that the products are produced in accordance with international requirements for organic agriculture.

The manufacturer needs organic certificate if the product is produced for export or is realized in Russia and positioned as organic/bio.

Ecological Union’s services 
  • Certification according to ”BCS-organic-production-standard” equivalent to Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 operated by Kiwa BCS ÖKO-GARANTIE (Kiwa BCS)
  • Certification according to  ”Vitality Leaf. Organic” standard operated by NP “Ecological Union”)
  • Certification according to the Russian national standard GOST R 56508-2015 “Organic products. The rules of production, storage, transportation”  on the basis of the Federal Law «On Technical Regulation» and the Rules of the ”Vtality Leaf” system.
  • Other organic certification services:

- Preliminary audit, the result of which is a conclusion on compliance/non-compliance with the organic standards criteria
- Clarification of the organic certification process
- Maintenance of the certification process

Consultation can be provided remotely in question-answer mode or combined with the onsite audit.

Why choose us?

Ecological Union is the Russian representative of the German authorized independent certification body Kiwa BCS. This allows us to make the process of interaction with the international certification body more comfortable, particularly during the early stages of the certification when the Customer has many questions about the rules and procedures. In addition, the involvement of the Russian inspectors reduces the cost of international certification.
Our experts also carry out the certification according to the Russian system “Vitality Leaf. Organic”and GOST R 56508-2015.

bcs_logo-100x95Kiwa BCS is one of the largest certification bodies in the world, specializing in the field of sustainable development, being part of the Kiwa group and having branches on almost all continents. Kiwa BCS has more than 100 authorized auditors who control producers in different countries. Kiwa BCS head office is located in Nuremberg.

Types of Organic certification

Ecological Union offers certification of agricultural and processed food products  in accordance with the following Russian and international standards:


       EU Organic



JAS (Japanese agricultural standard)




      USDA/NOP (American national organic program)





     Vitality Leaf. Organic
(Russian organic agricultural standard) 



 GOST 56508-2015 “Organic products. 
Rules of production, storage, transportation»


Small, medium and large businesses wishing to confirm their products quality and position them as organic/bio can get certified for compliance with organic standards. 

If you would like to apply for organic certification or you need further information, feel free to contact us.

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