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Ecological Union is the exclusive partner of the international organizations accredited for verification and certification of the EPD. We provide organizational, consulting and expert support to companies in obtaining EPD.

About EPD

EPD (Environmental product declaration) — is a comprehensive report on the composition and ecological characteristics of the product, which can be prepared on the basis of an analysis of its life cycle (LCA) and what is important —  received confirmation of the third person party on the reliability of the data presented in it. EPD complies with the international standard ISO 14025-2006 «Environmental labels and declarations. Environmental labeling type III. Principles and procedures».

LCA-report could be prepared either independently or by using the service of third parties. The basis of the LCA-reports consists of PCR (product category rules) — the requirements for a particular group of products (for example, what materials / substances are in these products and what is its life cycle etc.), which are defined by industry representatives. For building materials is usually used  an international standard EN 15804.

Due to PCR-rules it is possible to compare the products of the same product category, and choose the safest. After approving PCR-rules and LCA-report there is a need to prepare the EPD-declaration with objective and impartial information. The declaration is evaluated by an independent accredited auditor and is registered in one of the official programms EPD (IBU, EPD International etc.).

EPD doesn’t include the as assessment findings, but presents a «dry» data. Consumer independently evaluates the environmental profile of the products, depending on which particular characteristics interested him most.

For example, in terms of numbers can be demonstrated: reduction of energy consumption at the plant, optimizing the use of pallets during transportation of the product; the certification, awards, recommendations on proper use of the product and its disposal can be included in this declaration.

EPD: who will benefit

• For experts in the field of  «green» construction (for LEED, BREEAB, DGNB standards).

• For companies who think about the sustainable development and make efforts to reduce harmful impacts of products.

•  For marketing specialists who build communication with the public about the environmental achievements of the company.

What are the advantages of EPD in front of other studies of LCA
  • EPD-declaration helps to get additional points for certification of «green building» LEED and BREEAM.

  • If EPD is developed according to PCR, the products of one group can be compared with each other in all aspects of life cycle, and this comparison will be based on independent data.

  • EPD presents more information about the product, than type I ecolabel.

  • Registration in the well-known program (IBU, International EPD System) gives EPD an additional advantage, the target audience believe more in an independent confirmation, than in self-declared environmental data from producer.

What are the similarities and differences of type I ecolabel  and EPD (Type III ecolabel)?

Type I ecolabel EPD
ISO 14024 ISO 14025
Type of data presentation
label report
The standard on which the certification is performed

Environmental criteria for each product group (often — in the form of the standards of organization)

-PCR – rules for product group,

-customer data

Comparability of the data

Point out environmentally preferable products in the same product group. The sign on the label allows to uniquely identify such products.

Does not count, but the customer can make comparisons and draw conclusions. EPD are comparable with each other because they are based on the same criteria.
Application area
For almost all types of products and services
The main target audience 
B-to-C B-to-B
International assosiation
Information, which is proven, accurate and non-misleading 
The market mechanism to improve the environmental characteristics of the product
Voluntary program
At the heart of — life cycle assessment (standarts from ISO 14040)
Transparency on the stages of the life cycle assessment, the development of criteria, the EPD preparation / conformity assessment procedures for the award of type I ecolabels
Third party involvement
Verification of compliance — Certification Body

Independent evaluation of PCR, EPD Declaration and existing data in it.

Two stages: expert verification, EPD-сertification


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