Eco-guide in your smartphone

This year Russia saw new mobile application ECOPOLKA which helps consumers choose environmentally friendly goods. The environmental safety of goods is verified by ecolabel as it is the best guarantee of the products’ compliance with environmental criteria confirmed by independent internationally recognized organization.


Ecolabels directory in the app includes all reliable labels which can be found on goods sold in Russia. Each ecolabel’s description includes its image, short review of the relevant criteria and a link to the certification body’s website.

The most interesting part for consumers is directory of ecolabelled products and stores where these products can be bought. Now the application’s database is being filled with offline and online spots of sale with the help of producers and retailers. Active users can also add products and stores which are not in the app yet.

After the project’s presentation, it gained positive reviews and support from large companies active in eco-products’ market. For example, Leroy Merlin, DIY materials retailer, says:

“Ecolabel is considered worldwide as a transparent and effective regulating mechanism in the market of eco-produce. Undoubtedly, it is very important for these mechanisms to be developed in Russia, which is only possible when they are recognized by final consumer. This is why ECOPOLKA project has all chances to become an interesting instrument for educating consumers and communicating with them”.

SAMSUNG company expressed gratitude to the developers of the application for the environmental education of consumers and the support of certified eco-friendly electronic goods. “Thanks to ECOPOLKA, buyers can now easily make the right environmentally friendly choice and find the product on the integrated map or in online stores, as well as find out the meaning of the ecolabel and the specific advantages of the certified products. That is very simple!”

The app is being discussed in the world already. ECOPOLKA  arouse vivid interest at the annual general meeting of GEN where it was presented by the Director of the Ecological Union Yulia Gracheva. There are grounds to hope that the application will appear in other countries in the near future.

The project is realized by the Ecological Union, operator of type I ecolabel system “Vitality Leaf”, with the support of the Nordic Council of Ministers and active eco-goods’ market participants.