«В полностью искаженной биосфере ни за какие деньги не удастся купить естественные для человека условия существования», - российский академик К.Я. Кондратьев.


Non-commercial partnership “Ecological Union” has been working on environmental protection for more than 25 years, has been eco-standards’ developer and certification body for the last 15 years. We implement projects on improving air quality and waste management, issue educational TV-program, act as expert in media. While having wide geography of science partnership, we are members of authoritative international organizations.


Ecological Union (earlier – Saint-Petersburg Ecological Union, SPEU) – one of the leading active non-profit organizations in Russia. It started its work in 1991, but the history of the organization goes back to 1989 when Environmental cooperatives of Saint-Petersburg were formed.

In 2001 Ecological Union was transformed to non-profit partnership. Same year the program “Environment and Human” was developed, which gave start to a range of significant environmental projects going on until the present day.

One of the most widescale projects of Ecological Union is system of voluntary environmental certification “Vitality Leaf”. “Vitality Leaf” ecolabel, which evaluates the whole life cycle of product from raw material extraction to utilization, is now recognized in Russia and abroad.

Our aims

Raising environmental culture, encouragement of production and consumption of environmentally safe products, together with drawing public’s attention to key environmental problems of the city in search of their solution.

Our mission

Encourage the development of green economy to provide people with high quality of life and save healthy environment for future generations.

Spheres of activities:

  • Development of eco-standards and eco-certification
  • Organic certification
  • Social activities: eco-consumption and eco-production, air pollution problem, waste management, educational projects aimed at formation of environmental literacy and culture in the society.

Our achievements:

  • Owner and operator of voluntary type I ecolabel system (ISO 14024) “Vitality Leaf”. The first and only certification body in Russia whose ecolabel is recognized internationally. The system is registered in Federal Agency of Technical Regulation and Meteorology (РОСС RU. И1082.04ЧГ01).
  • Owner and operator of voluntary organic certification “Vitality Leaf. Organic”, which is equivalent to European standards.
  • Member of the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN).
  • Certified member of the Global Ecolabelling Network’s Internationally Coordinated Ecolabelling System (GENICES) which comprises 17 leading ecolabels.
  • Associate member of the International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM)
  • ICEA representative authorized to conduct inspections according to international organic standards in Russia.
  • UNEP partner in the sphere of green public procurement programs.
  • Member of The Asia Carbon Footprint Network (ACFN).
  • Member of Russian Green Building Council (RuGBC).
  • Accredited in system of voluntary certification of real estate objects “Green Standards”.